‘On a personal note III’ 15×120 cm

This is another series of tall and narrow ‘notities’ (the size is twice my quilting ruler). The inspiration for these notes came to me when I was doodling in the notes app on my iphone and discovered it had a scroll function. I could make infinitely tall notes with it, but of course in my printing work I’m limited to the size of my press. Originally it was only 50×100 cm, but I changed the size of the printing bed to 160 cm, the maximum it can handle.

Although in the Western world we are used to reading from left to right, I like working with a tall and narrow vertical format, a format often seen in textile art. For me there is a practical reason for this. The ‘fabric’ I’m stitching on is not very pliable, so it has to be narrow to fit underneath the machine and I find it more convenient to stitch in a vertical, rather than horizontal direction. But I also find this format aesthetically pleasing, either individually or hung in a series.

So far, all my printmaking work is meant to be framed and hung on the wall. My previous work, however, has mostly been sculptural, and for practical reasons I had decided to only make flat work, which can easily be stacked and stored. My next project, however, will be too tall to be framed and for me this will mean I can use my creativity again and think of different ways of presenting my work.

‘But today is a nice day’ 15×84 cm
‘Grim reality’ 15×84 cm
‘Lockdown’, 15×32 cm each
‘Confusing times’ 15×84 cm each

These pieces were collaged horizontally, but I stitched them vertically.

‘Tell me a story’ 32×32 cm
‘On a personal note II’ 15×120 cm
‘On a personal note I’, 15×120 cm
‘Notities’ 15×120 cm


‘Zondag’ 32×32 cm