fine lines

fine lines

My sewing-machine is being serviced at the moment and I’ve been making work without stitch. So far they’re just experiments.

So far I’ve mostly used machine stitch to make lines on the polyester lithography material that I use as my background. Before I began using this material, however, I experimented with lots of different techniques and tools. One of them was making lines with a Dremel Versa Tip. This is a heat tool and I could make marks by burning or melting a certain surface.

I decided to get this tool out again, and see if I could use it on the lithography material to make intaglio printing plates. It has several interchangeable tips, which all make different kind of marks and it’s fun to experiment to see what I can come up with.

Normally, with intaglio printmaking the plate is inked, making sure the incised lines get enough ink. Then the background is wiped clean, so that it’s just the lines that will be transferred when printed. With my polyester lithography material the plate is made wet before inking. Only the incised lines will get ink and the wet background will (mostly) resist the ink. The resulting printing plates pick up the ink very nicely and I can make interesting prints with them.

But I can also make simple prints. I can use any waterproof materials to draw on the polyester lithography plate. When inking the marks, in this case made with ball point, will take the ink and a print can be made on my etching press.

Unlike my collitho work, where the printing plate is the artwork and the prints are just a by-product, with this new technique the prints will be my main focus. But as I’m not keen on making too much of the same, the challenge for me lies in trying to make the prints all different in some way or other.


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