long length

long length

I’ve been working with the blue coloured litho plates and found out that the blue cyanotype colour can be removed with chloride, like I did with this piece, because I wanted to add a contrasting yellow. The result of this strong contrast is an illuminating effect when seen in semi-darkness.

When I made these earlier long pieces I just connected several individually made collithos.

These are two very long pieces and I had to roll hem up to make a photo.

This time I set out to make a tall piece and therefore from the start the individual pieces were all made with similar imagery and inked with similar colours.

Another difference is that I didn’t make prints between the layers of ink. I usually ink and print several times, until I’m happy with the result. This wasn’t really convenient with such a long piece, not with the press, anyway. I could have taken off some of the ink by making a mono print, but it wasn’t necessary. I just had to make sure I didn’t over-ink.

These are some detail photos. From the large piece I can cut parts to be framed.


>> printing plates

>> colouring, patching and collaging