making music

making music

It’s been a very long time since I wrote my last post. Lots of other things have kept me busy and I didn’t really make anything worthwhile to share. I seem to have lost my inspiration a little, which I find rather frustrating as I still have the need to be creative.

To fill this gap, I looked for something different to do and decided to start learning to play the harp. I found this wonderful teacher, called Anne. She lives in Canada and specializes in teaching music online.

The harp is a fairly difficult instrument to play, but I’m gradually getting better at it. It has such a lovely and relaxing sound, and I’m enjoying it very much!

Besides learning to play the harp, I’ve also began composing my own music, using the app MuseScore as a tool to write it down. It’s so much fun to do and instead of making with my hands, I now have music to express myself in a creative way. This doesn’t mean that I won’t be making (physical) art anymore, I’m trying out several new techniques and materials at the moment. As soon as I manage to make anything that I’m happy with, I’ll be sharing it here.


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