more weaving

more weaving

Waiting for inspiration for my printmaking work and wanting to keep my hands busy, I’ve been doing some more weaving. I tore my stash of quilting fabrics into strips and wove them into this large 75×85 cm piece.

The piece has a lovely texture and I especially like the back of it, with all the dangling end bits of the fabric strips. It feels lovely and soft.

This is a smaller piece that I made before. As an experiment I wanted to spray gesso onto it.

I had done this before on this earlier work. Small snippets of fabric were nailed onto a wooden panel and then I made a gradation by spraying the panels with increasingly more gesso.

But as I’d ran out of gesso I used black acrylic paint instead and once I got hold of some new gesso I sprayed it on top of the black paint. In the meantime I’ve cut up the piece, but the back still shows the first layer of black paint.

I now want to see if I can use gesso, either white, black or transparent, with the new large piece, so I wonder what I’ll come up with, if anything.


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