colouring, patching and collaging

colouring, patching and collaging

This summer isn’t a very sunny one and not particularly inviting for sun printing, But I decided to be content with every little ray of sunshine and got out my cyanotype materials again. It does work, anyway, even without the sun, but it takes a little more patience. Also the result is a little pale this time.

It’s fun to experiment with this to me new cyanotype technique and to come up with new ideas that way. Alhough, the ideas aren’t really all that new, but rather my surface material. I can apply a lot of the same techniques as I did when playing with fabrics.

For this piece I worked in two layers of sun printing, the first Van Dyke brown, followed by a blue cyanotype.

For the third layer I made a bleach solution and put it in a spray bottle. That way I could make speckles onto the coloured lithomaterial.

I’ve often used a little ‘sun’ in my work and looking at these lovely flowers in my garden inspired me to use it again for this new work.

I now have a fairly large stock of sunprinted lithography material and after collaging and printing I’ll be patching everything into long ribbons. These can than be presented in a sculptural way.


>> long length

<< beautiful blue