polyester ‘paper’

polyester ‘paper’

Usually when I’ve finished a round of inking and printing, I experiment with different ways of using up the ink which is left on my inking surface. This time I did some back-drawing. Back-drawing is done by laying a sheet of paper on top of an inked surface and then making marks with a (pointed) tool, like a pencil, or even your fingers. The paper should be very thin and light, or it will pick up too much ink.

This is a scribbled back-drawing for which I used cartridge paper. Although not a very heavy paper, it still picks up far too much ink.

It occurred to me that I could try using polyester ‘paper’, that I’d made wet, for this purpose and this worked very well.

The area around the drawing doesn’t pick up a lot of ink and the waterdrops on the ‘paper’ result in some nice textural marks. I’ll definitely play with this technique and material a little more.


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