random composition

random composition

When busy working in my studio, bits and pieces of material fall to the ground and very often they make nice random compositions. Sometimes, when my eye falls on one of these, I take a photo of it , like I did with this one (including the dog hairs on the floor 🙃), where I thought the two pieces of fabric cut-offs made an interesting shape.

I decided to use the pieces of fabric and the random shape as inspiration to make a collitho with. After several rounds of inking, printing, cleaning and inking again, this was the result. While inking, the red colour of the fabric had completely disappeared.

That’s why I added some colour with crayons. I also added a little contrast to the small circle within the large one.

But sometimes, when making a collitho, I keep inking, printing and cleaning off, as I just cannot get a plate that I can be happy with. And then I end up taking it too far and this might be such a case, as I’m not sure, yet, whether I like it. Also, it feels a little too static, compared to the original composition on the floor. I didn’t manage to imitate it’s natural randomness.


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