wrapping up

wrapping up

There has been a time that I could just make and make, without ever having to pick my brain for inspiration. I never seemed to run out of ideas and my stack of work kept growing and growing. As I ran out of enough space to store all my work, I decided to not make any bulky, sculptural work anymore. Instead, I only make flat work, which can be stacked and stored easily that way.

I discovered the polyester lithography material and invented my own way of using this with lots of ‘collithographies’ as a result. But they don’t take up a lot of space. However, I did frame a number of them, which need to be stored carefully, as not to scratch the frames. So far I’d have used bubble wrap to protect the frames, but this makes the work quite bulky.

So I’m pleased to have found this wonderful material in the building store. It’s meant to be used as floor protection when painting the walls of your house and has a slightly tacky side to it. It’s ideal to cover the tops of my framed work with, which can then be stacked and transported without being damaged. When removed it might leave a little bit of a glue residue, but this can easily be removed.

I can only tell over time whether the material will serve its purpose properly, without any drawbacks, but so far I’m very happy with it.


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