galerie 3


60×60 cm
10×10 cm each

Patchwork of pieces of patinated copper, brass, steel and aluminium plate, handstitched onto felt.

ca. 100×200 cm

For this large piece I prepared a number of copper sheets by patinating them with colour and (screen)printing. The sheets were then cut up into lots and lots of circles, using a template and scissors. These copper circles were then, like sequins, stitched onto a large piece of felt.

10×10 cm

Here I used the same technique but on a very small scale.

I made a series of work, titled ‘more or less’; these are just some of the pieces.

For this work, too, I cut circles from copper sheets that I’d patinated with colour and print. Using a small bowl I shaped the circles into little cups, which I then knotted to one another into larger flexible pieces.

I challenged myself to make something out of concrete, but which was still textile-like. For the cast forms I made moulds, lined with a creased plastic bag, in order to achieve a wrinkled textile texture. For the square blocks I used threads for texture.