galerie 1


ca. 10×30 cm each

To me the ‘Figuranten’, the extras in a play or film, represent the many lonely people of our society. Everybody knows they’re there, but they don’t play an active role in our world. To give them a voice I placed them into a large group and gave them center stage.

A round wooden bannister was cut into pieces and wrapped with scraps of handdyed, printed old linen, cotton and patinated copper and brass, using nails, screws and wire. They were then placed on a wooden stick and a felt covered base.

Part of the fabrics and metal I used were screenprinted and patinated with pieces of text by the Dutch 17th century playwright Joost van den Vondel.

The fabrics were screenprinted with paint, but I used liver of sulphur, that I’d thickened, to print with on copper, leaving a darker patina where the ‘paint’ touches the copper.

‘Whether we like it or not’

This is part of a larger installation with which I want to depict our natural and essential need to connect and feel connected.

With nails and screws I covered small blocks of wood with scraps of handdyed and printed fabrics, patinated copper and brass. The individual blocks are chained into long strands.

‘It’s a complex world’ 20×125 cm

These are two pieces of a larger installation of ‘busy’ collages, which I made to express the complexity of life. Scraps of handdyed and printed fabrics, patinated copper and aluminium are attached to wooden planks, using screws and nails. The pieces are hung in such a way that they can spin around.